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Where can I sign up?

When you enter our website of Finallms online learning management.  Click the [Sign Up] in the top right corner.

How do I start learning my course?

After the administrator shares the QR code or link of the test, students can directly open the test link, log in to their account, and take the test on the online learning management system

Paid Courses Online

Can I use the free version for free

OK, as long as you login in the home page can be registered

What if I have too many courseware and not enough memory

If you have too much courseware, and you run out of memory, you can contact our online customer service.

Can I customize it?

Yes, you can contact us if you have any related requirements

Whether the course can be set expiration date

Yes, you need to set it up in the background, go to Courses and then go to Settings.
You can see the “Course Validity Period” set to your desired effect

Where can I Check my Transaction Record and Available Space?

Please click the “Account”, you will find out your transaction record and available space in it.