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Can i create an online paid course?

Yes, you can create an online paid course and LMS training courses online. It is very easy and quick.  Anyway, you can try for free online that realized our online learning management system.

How can I delete my course?

If you want to delete your LMS training courses, you can delete them in our background quickly.


How do I start learning my course?

After the administrator shares the QR code or link of the test, students can directly open the test link, log in to their account, and take the test on the online learning management system

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Can we open the Live Course?
What Type of Courseware can I Upload?

The types of courseware can be uploaded are audio, video, picture, Excel, Word, PPT, TXT, and PDF, and it is recommended to upload Microsoft Office documents.

Why did I Fail to Upload the Courseware?

First, please check your network, it may be your network is not good enough to upload the courseware. Second, your file size of your documents may be more than 20M, please download the batch upload video/audio tool. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.