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How can a Learning Management Platform Help in Building a Corporate Learning Organization?

The concept of "learning organization" was first proposed by American scholar Peter Sage. Peter Senge found that only learning-based enterprises can develop in the long run, that is to say, successful enterprises are no longer dominated by stereotypical leaders, but...

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How to Create Safety Education Course for Students in Learning Management Platform?

The increase in water activities has led schools to place more emphasis on drowning safety awareness for students. In order to improve students' self-protection ability, many schools create safety education courses in learning management platforms. In this article, we will...

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It is Time for You to Know About Learning Management Platform

Abstract: In the face of COVID-19, although we have returned to work and production, we still can't relax. In this case, in enterprises, many activities cannot be held. As a result, there is a lack of cohesion among employees. However,...

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