Find the best online learning management system

In recent years, many people will use Learning Management System for online exams. LMS is the abbreviation of Learning Management System, that is, an online learning management system. The safety and fairness of the online learning management system are the issues that many universities, companies, and training institutions have always been most concerned about. In addition to relying on the self-supervision of candidates, choosing a professional online learning system is also indispensable. The online learning system with a powerful anti-cheating function effectively helps users realize online proctoring and employee training management.

online learning management system

First: Anti-cut screen, limit the number of screen cuts. It is mainly used to limit candidates to switch pages to find answers. The number of passes is limited. The system will warn each time the screen is cut, and the paper will be forced to be handed in if the number of times is exceeded.

Second: Limit the number of test interruptions. In order to circumvent the anti-cut screen rule, some candidates have turned off the exam and re-entered. If the number of interruptions of the current candidates is set, the system records once without interruption, and the excessive number of times will pass the compulsory test takers to hand in papers.

Traditional offline corporate training is prone to a series of problems such as difficult time adjustment and remote employee training management, and the cost of corporate training is high, and training efficiency is not necessarily good. With the development of the Internet, online training has become popular. Online training time is well-coordinated, the cost is greatly reduced, and trainers can also move to train and learn, which is very convenient. For large enterprises, the online learning management system is best to designate employees to participate in specific training courses to ensure safety. At the same time, the online training system should have an independent deployment version, which can be used on the corporate intranet, and outsiders cannot obtain any data information, which is more secure.
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