How to choose an IMS system

The formal online learning management system on the market has basically the same basic functions and can meet the needs of the public, but each of them also has some characteristic functions. As users, how should we choose the online learning management system?

Considering that administrators need to upload a lot of coursewares, the system supports uploading videos, documents, audio, PDF, PPT, and other kinds of course resources, which can be automatically summarized here and can be reused.

Answers the question: you can visit the link or scan the QR code to participate in the answer. Support computer or mobile phone, iPad, and other mobile devices to answer questions. After answering the question, the system gives the score automatically.

Statistical analysis: you can view the summary chart of the test paper results, the distribution chart, and the topic of the correct rate of the table. Also, relatively simple, the data can be downloaded.
There is no need to install the online version. You can register an account directly on the official website to release the test paper.

Understand your learning progress: LMS Learning Management System allows learners to record and track their progress within the platform so that teachers, students, or other relevant personnel can access it at any time, helping everyone to stay more informed and up to date. It allows for improved communication and collaboration.
Establish incentives and rewards. For example, learners can get badges after completing certain tasks.

Online learning management system sets basic data, course production, student management, and course arrangement, and then arranges courses.

Finallms online training system to minimize the workload of manual training, while achieving a reasonable arrangement of training sites and teacher resources, maximize the use of teaching resources.