How to Evaluate the Training Effect of Enterprise Online Training?

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Corporate training is an important way to improve employee competence and knowledge, but how to evaluate the effectiveness of training is a challenging issue. Effective training evaluation can help organizations understand the effectiveness and value of training, and provide guidance and improvement for future training. In this paper, we will discuss some commonly used methods and techniques for evaluating corporate training to help companies better assess the effectiveness of training and improve the quality and effectiveness of training.

Test in learning

Learning while practicing is a method that can improve the effectiveness of training. In Final LMS, HR can insert questions into the course, so that employees can take exams while studying during the learning process. The test results can evaluate the training effect of employees, and administrators do not need to arrange additional processes to evaluate the effect after training, which reduces the workload.

Schedule an online test after training

In Final LMS, in addition to inserting test questions into the course, administrators can create additional online tests for employees after the training. The training management system provides users with 10 different types of test questions, and HR can create corresponding test questions for employees in different positions. After the exam is over, automatic correction of test papers and data analysis can quickly obtain the training results of employees. The capability analysis map provided by the system can clearly reflect the capabilities of employees, which can provide a basis for improving the training system for corporate training.

Learning record

The learning record class can show the employee’s learning time and learning progress, which can reflect the employee’s learning situation. This is an important basis for evaluating the learning performance of employees.