How to Improve Employee Training Motivation with Using Online Training System ?

In a rapidly changing business environment, employee learning and development becomes critical. Training and development programs for employees can help organizations to increase productivity, create more efficiency and better performance. And online training systems have become the preferred method for many organizations because of their flexibility, accessibility and efficiency. However, employees may lack the motivation to take full advantage of online training systems, which can affect their learning outcomes and efficiency. In this article, we will explore the following features that training should have to help organizations increase employee motivation and engagement to better utilize online training systems for the mutual success of both the organization and its employees.


The course content is divided into different chapters, and exercises are inserted in each chapter. If staffs do not pass the chapter exercises, they cannot learn the next chapter of the course. Topics from less to more, from easy to difficult, gradually increase the difficulty of course unlocking, for the staff training and learning to increase the challenge, but also in the challenge process to deepen the understanding of the training content, timely consolidation of knowledge points.


It is not difficult to imagine that in every organization that conducts training, a small percentage of employees refuse to participate in the activity because it does not seem to bring them any benefit. Therefore, training must be somewhat mandatory so as to ensure that every employee participates in it. By mandatory here, we mean linking training to employee promotion or appraisal, using the progress or results of the employee’s training and learning as an assessment criterion, so that only those employees who complete the course and pass the appraisal will be able to obtain rewards.


In addition to the above assessment, additional rewards such as physical rewards, certificates, paid vacation, etc. can be set up for training. Final LMS records employees’ learning data such as course duration, total number of courses taken, learning progress, test scores, etc. in detail, which provides data reference for enterprises to formulate incentive mechanism.


Employees will be competitive among themselves. Adding competition to training can motivate employees to compete and increase training participation, Final LMS supports setting points for training courses, and employees can get corresponding points every time they complete a section of the course. The employee’s points are displayed in the form of a ranking list, and employees can clearly know each other’s learning progress. If employees want to surpass others, they need to complete more courses.


One of the reasons why employees are not motivated to train is that the training time is not reasonable, but it is easily ignored by companies. If the training happens to be scheduled at a busy time or an inconvenient time for employees, it will inevitably lead to a negative attitude. Final LMS supports employees to access the training system and participate in learning through computers, tablets, cell phones, etc., which makes it easy for employees to freely arrange their own learning time.