What are the highlights of the FinalLMS Online Training System?

Abstract: many people will hesitate for a long time when choosing an online training system. In fact, this situation is very normal. After all, there are so many online training systems now. If you haven’t used them, you don’t know which one is easy to use and which one is not. Today, I’d like to introduce the highlights of the FinallMS online training system.

1. Revenue Management

Final LMS online training system can change knowledge into money through paid courses. The system provides course templates. After enterprises or institutions establish professional knowledge courses, they set up the fees of registration and learning to form knowledge stores. We can get benefits through online subscription courses, paid registration, and paid to learn, and the system can realize a user-defined homepage to help enterprises and institutions achieve publicity effect in the form of a carousel

  • A Combination of Examination and Learning

The online training system of good intelligence can practice the examination online. The administrator inserts the exercises in the course, which enables the students to practice while learning, improve the students’ concentration in class and strengthen the students’ understanding of the key and difficult points. After learning each chapter or course, administrators can add the test content for students to test. The function of examination is also very simple in operation. After adding questions to the question bank, they can carry out the examination, test the students’ learning results and achieve the combination of examination and learning.

  • Prevention from Carelessness

There are two ways to prevent carelessness in Final LMS. One is to prevent screen switching. When the administrator turns on the anti-screen switching mode, students can’t switch to other windows to do other things unrelated to learning. Once the screen switching mode is turned on, the course will stop playing immediately. The second is the departure warning within the specified time. When the students have no task operation in the course, the course will be suspended.

The above is the highlight function of Final LMS online training system. If you want to know more functions, you can go to the official website to contact us or register for free.