What is Purpose of Learning Progress in Online Training System?

Online training and teaching is an important way for many organizations to impart knowledge. For example, schools and educational institutions teach subjects on online training system; companies and other organizations use training system platforms for employee training. Online training systems serve different organizations with their convenient teaching methods. And learning progress, is an essential function in the system. This paper will take Final LMS as an example, aiming to illustrate the significance of learning progress for readers and help users make full use of the function of learning progress.

Improving motivation to learn

One of the major challenges of online learning is the issue of learners’ motivation. Unlike traditional offline classrooms, where students lack real-time teacher-student interaction and supervision, and are easily distracted from their studies, Final LMS provides learning progress for teachers as well as students. On the one hand, students can be clear about their own learning progress and goals. On the other hand, teachers can interact with and monitor students in a more targeted manner when they know their progress.

Personalized learning

Each student’s learning ability and learning speed are different. In Final LMS, administrators can personalize the learning arrangement according to the actual situation of the students. The system data can understand the learning speed of the students, and make a more suitable learning plan path for them to avoid ineffective teaching. Students can adjust their learning progress according to their own learning progress, which improves the learning effect and satisfaction.

Monitoring Learning Effectiveness

In Final LMS, users can not only get the data of students’ learning progress and learning completion time, but also get the assessment results of students. Through the post-training assessment, students can check their mastery of knowledge in a timely manner. In addition, through the timely assessment feedback, students can further understand their own learning process strengths and weaknesses, and adjust the learning method to improve the learning effect.