Education will Change one’s Life

Education is the foundation of a nation, it is vital for individuals and society. No matter what region you are in, education should be given top priority. We can see the importance of education through the following example.

In Chengdu, China, most students in a middle school can pass exams to enter a prestigious university, which is also known as “China’s top high school.” In another middle school in a poor area, fewer than ten students can pass the exam and enter a prestigious university. It is understood that because these students in poor areas lack quality education, even if they spend a lot of time studying every day, they cannot achieve excellent results and enter prestigious schools. However, the superintendent of one of the schools in the poor area brought the live course to the school. As a result, the number of students entering prestigious schools in these poor areas has increased significantly. From the above example, we can know that the live course has brought better education to students and changed their future. So, do you know what a live course is about?

For teachers

  1. Start the course easily. Teachers can start a live course simply on online education management system by creating courses, adding courseware, and sharing course links.
  2. Multiplayer interaction. Teachers can connect students’ microphones and invite students to interact in the classroom.
  3. Test students in the class. Teachers can add test questions to test students during the live class.

For students

  1. Students can enter the class by clicking the link shared by teachers.
  2. They can see the course during the class.
  3. They can learn through multiple types of courseware and become more interested in class.
online education management system

Online education breaks down the time and geographical issues, enabling more and more students to participate in the classrooms of famous teachers. If you are interested in the live lesson, please click the “Free try” button at the top right of the page to experience the live course on the online education management system.