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About Final LMS

Final LMS is a product of Guangzhou Haozhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly developed for educators, knowledge workers, training institutions, enterprises and governments. It has four major solutions including paying for knowledge solution, education & training solution, live course solution, and enterprise training solution.

The system fully realizes the design concept of E-learning on the basis of traditional education, and can easily complete the training plan for employees through online learning, online test and online evaluation. Final LMS is suitable for governments, educational institutions and enterprises to carry out online learning, training, investigation, communication, etc. through the Internet or Intranet. Final LMS provides rich data support for fair assessment and employee appraisal.

Through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Final LMS provides users with one-stop solutions to make content production and release, promotion, management, and transaction easier. Final LMS allows small and medium-sized institutions, individuals and organizations to easily start online knowledge services.

Final LMS can be used in iOS, Android, HTML5, and PC, which makes learning and training more convenient and smart. Final LMS supports mainstream payment methods, making transactions safer, faster and safer.

Product Idea

The team firmly believes that products change the world and technology changes lives. Final LMS aims to help more individuals, enterprises, institutions and government departments improve their work ability through education and training, enhance their performance, change their lives, and make it easier through better products.

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