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Upgrade Log

  1. Added anti screen recording watermark function for documents
  2. Added dynamic student’s ID function to video to prevent screen recording
  3. Added the export function of the course learning record
  4. Added the filter function of the display column of the course learning record
  5. Added the limit on the length of question titles and content on the student side
  6. Fixed the problem that the section cannot be deleted after dragging and dropping in course editing
  7. Fixed custom filter not responding in course statistical analysis
  8. Fixed the problem that the initial play of the PPT on mobile does not display the up and down page buttons
  9. Fixed the error occurred when sub-admin editing student information
  10. Fixed the problem that the system will not automatically refresh when sub-admin deleting the directory
  11. Fixed the bug existed in the learning accuracy of learning record
  12. Fixed export field error occurred when exporting learning records
  13. Fixed the invalid ascending and descending order of the total list of learning records
  14. Fixed the problem that sub-admins can modify personal information
  15. Fixed the wrong format of the ranking list in student's mobile terminal
  16. Fixed the student's custom avatar not being displayed on the mobile terminal
  17. Fixed the problem of not displaying the student name in student's mobile terminal
  18. Fixed the problem that the course description cannot be returned by clicking the course title in student's mobile terminal
  19. Fixed the bug that the title of the student group list is too long
  1. Optimized the bulk upload tool
  2. Added practice function
  3. Optimized the course editing interface
  4. Fixed nearly 30 bugs
Officially released version 1.0
  1. New exam module
  2. Optimized the study record page of the course
  3. Added student personal details page
  4. Fixed student points displayed by week and month
  5. Upload tool supports uploading audio files
  6. Show chapter list edit button
  7. Fixed the bug of password reset on the administrator terminal and student terminal
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